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Monday, December 31, 2007

"What is New Years Eve, Alex?"

What's really in a new year? Surely, the dropping of a large sparkly ball and record signups at local gyms don't do this holiday justice. Instead, this should be a time to set goals and strive to make real differences in our lives. I have, for example, made a few decisions regarding my 2008. I'm determined to play on "Jeopardy" and be intentional about my daily quiet times. I want to read books off my must-read-before-I-die list and exercise my culinary skills (as though they exist!) Mostly, though, I want to be genuine with everyone I encounter. I tend to fold inside myself when I'm tired, stressed, or hurting. 2008 will be an opportunity for me to be sincere about loving those around me and become empty of self. Wishing all a blessed new year!

"I wish we could open our eyes, to see in all directions at the same time..."

Friday, December 14, 2007

O Ale-8 Christmas Tree, How lovely are Your Branches!

My favorite season has gloriously dawned. That's right, only 11 more days until Christmas! I'm relieved that this semester has passed, though not without reflecting on the memorable events that occurred these past months.
  • I dropped a couch on my foot whilst moving in. Ouch. I believe I was told that it looked "hobbit-like." Aw, what every girl wants to hear!
  • We bought fish. Then they died. Now we have another one. His name is Jonas, and we've kept him alive for months now. This is what we refer to as progress.
  • We have determined that anything with the words "accounting" or "physics" in the title should be eliminated.
  • We found out that Karissa owns a pink sweater.
  • The flirtatious poke was analyzed...and reanalyzed.
  • The very same tree that tried to amputate my toe last winter tried to blind me this year. Bloody thing's a menace.
  • Finally, we ate pomegranite for the first time. Now we can only leave Wilmore for a few months a year. Wait, that's actually true...

"This is Herman, Missouri, not......whatever."