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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blog failure

Let's all agree that I'm a bad blogger. I have a horrid time of collecting my thoughts well enough to write a somewhat occasional post...a year later, I'm giving it a go.

Today I read an interview with Susan Boyle, the overnight singing sensation from Britain. Honestly, this whole story has given me little more than a laugh for the past three days that it has been plastered on every news channel and blog post. But something caught me eye as I was reading, and it made me truly think about what this woman was saying. During the interview, the reporter asked Ms. Boyle whether she would get a makeover and she replied she wouldn't be changing who she is. Then she said that "one thing would definitely change"....that she would no longer be lonely.

Really? How heartbreaking. It took this woman getting on a reality show for her to feel part of something, to be pulled out of her isolation and finally be seen as a person. This whole thing makes me question what I'm doing. Am I reaching out to people...do I ever make people feel as though they are all alone in the middle of a crowd? Do you? I can't honestly say I'm great at it, and I know there are times I have been pushed away by a friend's unwillingness to reach out through my sadness. I don't know why this simple statement struck me, but I do feel convicted about whether I'm loving as I should. I hope you do, too.