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Friday, November 18, 2011

A Beautiful Prayer

I haven't blogged in awhile, mostly because nursing school has a way of eating up free time. Between hospital shifts, labs, lectures, and studying for each of the aforementioned things, my recreational activities are limited to (maybe) a few minutes of fun reading before bed and eating (hopefully) at normal intervals.

My heart was stirred to write tonight by something that has been weighing heavily on my heart. A few nights ago, a friend of mine was in a terrible car accident. Now, we're not very close friends; in fact, I have only been around him on occasion and mostly we are friendly acquaintances. But at this moment he isn't doing too well. And I don't know if it's because I know what the medical jargon being tossed around so blatantly really means, but I'm scared. The fact is, even though I don't know him well, I've seen Jesus in the way this guy serves and treats people. I also know that our mutual friends are shocked and hurting as they pray for his recovery and peace. One of his friends has started a blog to let people know how he's progressing, and as I read the last entry I was struck by one thing. As people have been gathering in the waiting room for news and prayer, they have been burdened to pray for one thing in particular- that those caring for my friend would come to know Jesus. Only in a community of truly devoted children of God would you see people praying for the salvation of the night nurse of a dying friend. Really? I don't know if I'd be selfless and strong enough to pray that kind of prayer. Father, turn my heart into one that hungers for salvation in the middle of a storm! And if the 3 of you out there who follow me think about it, please please please pray for my friend Philip, his family, and that those caring for him would see Christ.

"Could all that is lost ever be found?
Could a garden come up from this ground, at all?
You make beautiful things,
You make beautiful things out of dust.
You make beautiful things,
You make beautiful things out of us."