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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Great Feelings of Warmth

Another week looms ahead. I think I've been running on exhaustion for weeks now. I love being busy, but I've never felt so challenged by a schedule before. A couple of weeks ago, my focus revolved around putting my Initiative Grant proposal together. Who knew it would be so difficult to persuade a committee to send you where you feel God leading? And now, after days of testing, retesting, orating speeches, and more retesting, only three exams are left for me ace this upcoming week. Yikes.

I'm reading the Iliad for Western Classics (one of my remaining tests...) and I can't help but feel a vague sort of connection to the Homeric world. It was magnifying to realize that, in every other time and place, others have felt love, sorrow, stress, and joy. They have wondered what their callings are, where they will live, and how they will touch people's lives, just like every student I know now. Thankfully, in a few short weeks I will know for sure whether the committee has decided these things for me (at least for the summer....after that, I'll have to hire my own committee). This revelation, though, gives me hope that all struggle with the same universal feelings and general experiences. That's right, the anger I feel toward my Genetics exam is the very same that Achilles felt toward his semi-godness (Ok, it's a stretch, but I've been studying all day!)

I'm learning a few things along the way. Dorm rooms are easier to clean when you're not running around like Tom Brady. First Glide women own a surprisingly large collection of pink and red clothing. Most importantly, watch your appendages when dancing to Soulja Boy, as they can easily smack into dorm furniture.

"On the back of a motor bike, with your arms outstretched trying to take flight, leaving everything behind..."